Wire shelving units can be purchased with plastic bins as a complete unit.  When you do this, you will get a sturdy shelving unit that has exactly the right amount of bins to fit on each shelf.  The bins can then be filled with products or supplies and picked right off of the shelving unit.  This is very helpful in warehouses. 

If you have a warehouse that needs some organization, these shelving & bins packages are perfect for you.  You can color code the bins and place specific products into each one based on the color.  This makes it very simple for any warehouse worker to quickly recognize where the supply that they currently need is located.  Also, you can put labels on the front of these bins & write whatever is inside on the label.

Another place that you can find shelves with bins is in a pharmacy.  Almost every single pharmacy uses shelf bins, or parts bins.  These bins hold all of the medication and like I said earlier, can easily be labeled so the pharmacist knows exactly what’s inside of each bin.  They typically have these bins resting on a wire shelving unit. 

Shelves with bins are a highly efficient way to organize your office or warehouse.  View our complete packages of shelving units with bins or call us to get help creating a custom shelving unit.