When it comes to sneakers, a lot of people out there are fanatics.  Every year on the news you will hear multiple stories about people lining up and camping out for sneakers days before they are released.  Unfortunately, some people even use violence to get these sneakers.  When you wait for days and spend your hard earned money on anything, it is valuable to you.  When something is valuable, you need to protect it.  For most of these sneaker lovers, protecting and keeping their new sneakers clean is a top priority.  When you want to keep your new Jordans clean, yet also display them in a neat and cool way, there is no better option than storage bins.

My closet used to look like I was a sneaker hoarder.  I just can’t help that I have an obsession with new sneakers.  Even if the sneakers are old, I treat them as if they’re new.  After years of having a messy closet (and an upset girlfriend), I decided to use some plastic bins to get my closet organized and to keep my sneakers safe, clean and secure.  My closet now looks like a professional showroom. 

When you first walk in to my closet, you will find a louvered panel hanging on the closet door.  The panel is full of different color bins that are hanging off of it.  The top row has all red bins and inside of those red plastic bins are my dress shoes.  Each pair of shoes is in its dust protector and placed inside of one of the bins.  Whenever I am getting dressed for dinner or a party, I know to just go to the closet and look through my red bins for the best dress shoes for the night.  At the end of the night, I just come home and kick my shoes off and put them right back where I found them.

Once you get past the door full of dress shoes, you will immediately see my big shelving unit that is full of storage bins.  In those bins you will find all of my basketball sneakers and classic Jordan’s.  Since I’m a big time Jordan collector, I have many different models and some I have in a few different colors.  The way I set up the sneaker storage is by model number.  So on the highest shelf I have three large plastic bins (roughly 30” deep).  In those bins I have the Jordan 1’s, 2’s and 3’s.  In the third bin that contains the Jordan 3’s, I have both the black and the white models.  The shelf below the top one has the same kind of setup, except it is holding the next couple model numbers that I have (in my case, the 4’s, 7’s and 9’s). 

There was once a time when I thought that buying new sneakers and collectible Jordan’s was a quick and easy thing.  Just buy the sneakers, bring them home & throw them in the closet.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that maintaining the order, cleanliness and security of my sneakers is just as important.  Some of these sneakers cost over $200, and if you're not going to take care of them, why would you wait on that long line.  If you're looking for a simple, cost effective and nice looking way to store all of your sneakers and shoes, use the methods I discussed above.

Sneaker Storage