Monster Bins is the #1 source for Stackable Plastic Storage Bins.  Stacking Bins are used in numerous industries across the world.  You will find them in use in Doctor's offices, hospitals, pharmacies, warehouses, basements, homes and offices, just to name a few places.

At Monster Bins, we carry the largest assortment of stackable plastic bins.  You can purchase stackable storage bins in a huge variety of sizes.  They begin at 4" deep and go all the way up to 42" deep.  Stacking Bins are heavy duty and also have the ability to be hung from louvered panels or rails (due to the back lip).  You can use our stackable bins in a few different ways.  The most common way is to just to stack them on top of each other.  When you stack these plastic bins on top of each other, you can still easily access the contents of each bin.  Stacking these bins is helpful since it allows you to organize all of your products or supplies and still keep the stack out of everyone else's way.  Another common way that people use our stackable bins is to hang them from a rail or panel.  Even when hung, these bins are easily removable in case you need to carry the contents of one of the bins to another area.  Also, you can purchase a shelving unit (wire or steel) and fill it with stackable bins.  Once you fill the shelves with bins, you can then fill the bins with your important supplies.  Stackable plastic bins have divider slots inside of them which allow you to easily create multiple compartments within each bin. 

Stacking Bins are also readily available in clear.  Our selection of clear stacking bins ranges from 5"-18" deep.  The clear stackable bins have all of the same abilities as the colored ones.  These are excellent for environments when you need to be able to quickly glance at your bins and identify which bin contains which supplies.  Hospitals use our clear stackable bins daily to keep track of their supplies and inventories.

At, you will find the exact stackable bin that you are looking for.  We carry all of the different sizes and colors, and we have these stacking bins in stock and ready to ship.  Oh yea, ASK ABOUT OUR LOW PRICE GUARANTEE!!