The best part of waking up is starbucks in my cup!  Every street corner in this country has a starbucks on it.  Have you ever wondered how Starbucks became so successful?  I don’t know the answer to that, but I do know that they are using Monster Bins Plastic Containers behind the scenes to improve their efficiency.

About a week ago I was walking out of my local Starbucks, iced coffee in hand.  I was continuing my walk down the street and I noticed the back door to Starbucks supply room was open and exposed to anyone walking down the street.  What’s the first thing I noticed inside of the supply room?  You got it, attached lid boxes neatly nested inside of each other.  The flip top lids were closed so I can’t tell you what’s inside of these particular bins, but I can guarantee you that these containers are stocked full of important supplies. 

Starbucks Bins

One of the best things about our plastic containers is that they are heavy duty and able to hold any kind of important supplies.  The particular bins that are in use in this starbucks have attached lids that flip outwards.  These bins can be nested inside of each other when empty (as seen in the picture).  Also, when the lids are closed, these plastic containers will stack on top of one another.  That’s why they’re perfect for a supply room.  The stacking and nesting feature of these attached lid totes makes them the best storage solution while also helping you maintain your available space. 

Monster Bins’ attached lid containers area great option for regular parts or supply storage, distribution or order picking.  The lids on these containers are attached by steel hinges and the lids flip outwards.  These totes are made with handles which makes transporting them very simple.  They also have the ability to be locked with a padlock or tie lock.  When you close the lids on these totes, they are now secure from dust particles and anything that may damage the parts inside.  There are many different sizes available, as well as some color options.

So, next time you walk into a jam packed Starbucks location, ask yourself how they run so smoothly and efficiently.  A huge reason is that they use the proper storage solutions for all of their supplies in their supply rooms.  This helps you get that wonderfully tasting latte in a timely fashion, so you can go have a productive day.  After all, the best part of waking up is Starbucks in your cup!