You may not realize it, but being organized leads to a happier and higher quality life.  I use plastic storage bins and containers daily, in different ways and environments, to help me improve my efficiency and focus on what is truly important.  When I misplace an item, such as my car and house keys, it means my day has started off on the wrong foot.  To make sure that all of my days begin properly, and have no annoying distractions, I have setup storage bins around the house.  In the following article I will discuss the different ways and areas that storage bins have personally helped me. 

When you walk into my apartment, the kitchen is immediately on your right.  On the outer perimeter of the kitchen, you will find a clear storage bins sitting on the countertop.  It’s a small bin and it’s located right at the entrance so that when you walk in you can place your belongings right into it.  For me personally, I use this clear bin to hold my car and house keys, my glasses and my wallet.  Every single time I come in and go out, I walk past that clear bin and grab all of my things.  The reason I selected a clear bin was so that it’s easy to see what I’m grabbing.  For instance, on a weekday, I will grab my reading glasses and head to the office.  On a weekend, I’ll grab my sunglasses and head to the beach.  Since I have this clear storage bin sitting right by the door, it’s impossible to forget what I need as I leave the house.

clear storage bins

As you move from room to room, you will notice various storage bins strategically placed in specific areas.  The next bin you will find is a slightly larger bin on the floor by the living room couch.  This storage bin is used to hold all of my dog’s toys.  My dog is little, but he sure loves to play with his toys.  He goes into this container and pulls his toys out one by one.  In just a few minutes, all of his toys are scattered throughout the living room.  When he’s done playing, it is very easy to just pick his toys up and toss them back into the bin.  No need to be gently or orderly, just toss the toys into the storage bin and keep on moving.  It helps keep my living room organized, and allows for my dog to always know where his toys are.

The last area I’m going to discuss today is my closet.  I keep a heavy-duty attached lid container in my closet for holding all of my older shoes/sneakers.  Rather than just have a bunch of pairs lying on the closet floor, I simply keep them in a storage container and close the attached lid.  When I know I’m going to need a specific pair, I just open the lid and grab it.  For example, I have one container that holds all of my sporting sneakers like running shoes and baseball cleats.  I have another one for storing all of my day to day, casual sneakers.  Using these plastic containers has really cleaned up my closet and given me a lot of extra room that I completely forgot I had.

Heavy Duty Containers

So, now that you have seen some ways which I use plastic storage bins and containers in my apartment, think about how they’ll benefit you.  I’m sure you could use a little extra organization and cleanliness in your life!