Everyone has that member of their family that they never know what to buy as a gift.  Whether they are hard to please or they simply already have everything, it can be really frustrating trying to shop for them.  In many families it is the father that you struggle to come up with gift ideas for.  This year you will not have to face that challenge, just get him some plastic bins and give him the gift of organization!  I know, nobody is going to be so thrilled with the idea of getting a storage bin as a present, but they will definitely appreciate it in the future when their life is much more organized and un-cluttered.

For my Father, staying organized was always a challenge.  I guess that’s mainly because he likes to collect junk and never part with it.  His house looks like an antique museum.  However, since I provided him with some heavy duty plastic bins, it looks like a very clean and organized antique museum.  Just because things are old doesn’t mean you need to throw them out, all you have to do is clean up and organize and present them in a neat way and your old junk & belongings won’t bother anyone, just look at my dad for inspiration.

He uses some large stackable storage bins to hold all of his sporting equipment and memorabilia.  My dad has been playing sports and watching sports for his whole life.  If he has one baseball glove, he has ten baseball gloves, and the same thing with bats.  The bottom bin in this particular stack is to hold that baseball equipment.  He simply divided the bin in half and uses one side for gloves and the other for bats.  The storage bin that is stacked right on top of that is holding roughly 5,000 trading cards.  These cards are extremely old and supposedly very valuable.  When I ask my dad why he still has trading cards from the 70’s, he looks at me like I’m the crazy one, and maybe I am.  The “sports stack”, as he likes to call it, goes three bins high and the top level is to store all of the stuff he still uses.  So while the bottom bin is holding his old baseball bats and gloves, the top bin is holding softball bats, basketballs and footballs, as well as heating pads.  Since this bin is on the top of the stack, it is very easy and convenient to just grab whatever item he needs and keep going.  Using plastic bins for his old and new equipment not only helped him be organized, but it freed up a ton of space in our garage.

Stackable Bins

The example above is just one reason that you should consider giving dad plastic bins for father’s day.  While he may not be excited at first glance, the prospects of cleanliness and organization will win him over … and not to mention, make your mom thrilled that he’s finally getting organized!