A common problem with people these days is that they fail to clean up after themselves.  Whenever they are done with what they are doing, they simply just get up and walk away.  They don’t throw away their garbage or put their parts back where they found them, they just assume the next person will come in behind them and clean it all up.  Well, if you are sick of the constant mess in your playroom, office, bedroom or garage, you should think about filling it up with plastic storage bins.

Plastic bins are a simple yet effective solution to the constant mess that you are always leaving behind.  When you or your significant other want to find their toys or parts, they typically take them all out of the closet and put them on the floor in front of them.  That’s normal and it’s not the problem.  The problem becomes when they have finished what they are doing, do they just leave all of their parts on the floor or do they put them back where they found them?

In most cases, kids can’t be bothered with cleaning up their toys and they just leave them right there.  That’s where these storage bins come into play.  Simply leave some bins in their playroom and tell them to place all of their parts back into the bins when they are finished.  This isn’t a difficult or complicated task, and all kids should be able to comply with this.  We’re not asking them to neatly line them up in the same order they found them in, just to toss them back into the container and put the container back into the closet.

In my house, we use attached lid containers to make this process simple.  Attached lid containers can be stacked on top of each other and can be nested inside of each other when empty.  All we do is leave some in the kids rooms and then demand that they just throw the toys back into the bin when done.  It doesn’t get easier than that and the room will never look like a disaster again.  When they fill the bins with the parts or toys, then just put them back into the closet and the room will remain in order.

In the workplace, parts storage is even more critical and that is why plastic storage bins should are critical for all industries.  If you work in an environment where people share tools and supplies, you know how frustrating it is when the person that used specific supplies before you doesn't return them to where they belong.  When that happens, efficiency decreases and everyone suffers.  A simple storage solution and application wil put an end to this.  So if you've got a co-worker who never cleans up after themselves, recommend parts storage bins for the future and you will all increase your productivity.  I'm sure your employer will be pleased when everyone is doing more in a shorter period of time. 

In a healthcare setting, storage bins are more important than anywhere else.  We're talking about a place where lives are at stake and if efficiency and production decrease, the results are literally deadly.  Noone wants to be on an operating room table when the surgeon first starts looking for speicific parts.  Noone wants to be the person whos doctor is using rusty and dusty tools, that will lead to an infection.  The simple answer to prevent all of this is Plastic Bins!

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