Organization is absolutely critical in a hospital.  I wouldn’t want to be in a hospital where the staff is always searching for necessary equipment and medication.  That would surely increase the anxiety level of any patient.  A commonly overlooked factor in hospital satisfaction is how comfortable the patients are.  I don’t mean how comfortable are the beds or the exam room tables, I mean how relaxed and confident the patient feels with the doctors and the hospital staff.  Which brings us back to organization and why it is so important in every healthcare facility.  My suggestion, use plastic storage bins to help increase your efficiency and you will see your patient’s satisfaction increase as well.

The last thing I want to see before being admitted into the hospital is a frantic staff that doesn’t know where important things are located.  That would definitely make me an uneasy patient.  Using plastic storage bins will not only give off the impression that you are organized and in control, it will also help you be more effective in your daily tasks.  When it comes time to decide which plastic bins your hospital should use, we are here to help you make that choice. 

The first thing I would recommend is to make sure you are using clear storage bins.  These clear bins are very helpful in many ways.  Most importantly, they are made with the same high quality materials and care as our colored bins.  Second, since they are clear, you can always tell which bin is the one you currently need.  Our clear plastic bins have the ability to be divided so that you can use one bin to keep multiple pieces of equipment.

After you decide on moving forward with the clear bins, you have to take the next step and decide what style you’d like.  Do you want these bins to be stackable?  Do you need them to have lids?  Are they just going to be used to sit on a shelving unit or on a counter top?  These are important questions you should be asking yourself when getting ready to purchase medical bins.

The clear stackable bins are available in a number of sizes and provide you with an amazingly effective storage solution.  These bins are designed with a rear lip so they can also be hung from a panel or rail.  When these bins are not hanging, they stack on top of one another, but still provide you with access to the contents through its open front.  Clear stacking bins have the divider slots we discussed earlier.

Clear Shelf Bins are another excellent option.  These bins are the more economical choice since they do not stack.  However, these bins do nest inside of one another when empty which helps you save valuable space.  Our clear shelf bins are also heavy duty and are already being used in hospitals and doctor’s offices across the world.

After reading this, are you telling me you don’t think your healthcare facility will benefit from the use of storage bins?  If you realize how valuable these bins are in helping your patients feel more comfortable and relaxed, then give Monster Bins a call.  We have the largest selection, lowest prices and fastest shipping!