There's nothing that feels better than knowing that you have helped someone.  It's rare today for people or businesses to actually care about helping others.  Well, we're different!  And here's a quick little example of what separates us from the others...

About two months ago I had a light bulb blow out in my apartment.  When I realized that I didn't have spare lightbulbs on hand, I had to take a trip down to the local hardware/lighting store and pick some up.  When I walked into the store, I noticed that parts were hard to find and the store was pretty messy.  I sat down with the manager and gave him our catalog.  I recommended that they mount some tip out bins to the walls and put small parts inside of them.  After working out the exact space that was available in the store, and working out a super price, we sent over the exact products that I discussed with the store manager.  Well, needless to say, but they loved it... and I've got the picture to prove it!


Tip Out Bins in a lightbulb store


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