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We recently got two great reviews on our Clear Tip Out Bins from the Bargain Hound Daily Deals website & Emmy's Deals Blog.

Here's what they had to say:


Who Needs Storage Solutions…ok who DOESNT right? Check this out! Product Review!

We just this last week scored 2 awesome storage bin sets from Simplastics! Now while the company states that these are used for hospital settings…we decided to think outside the box…Yep…shocker right ;-) . The girls honed in on the lovely large clear tip out bins with a unnerving speed that would make Jeff Gordon green with envy! If he had that kind of speed he would be a shoe in at every race! Now the girls are not really hobbiest, they dont work in a hospital nor do they venture out to the garage unless there is incentive…ok cash bribery might be more accurate. They love these bins for…ok hold your breath… cosmetics! Leave it to my teens to girly up what WOULD be manly gift option! Now while I would TOTALLY recommend this for any guy who works on cars, fishes, hunt, builds models, golfs…honestly they are so versatile that they can be used for ANYTHING! Beading, jewelry making….really the uses are endless. I now am after a few to help organize my kitchen pantry! I would LOVE these for my packets of gravy mixes and such (Before you go HMMM…packet gravy??yep PACKET GRAVY…I know I suck.. But honestly when you coupon you get these free left and right and they are so much easier!) Anyhow you get the idea. The bins are of course well made..if they where not they would not be on THIS page. I dont waste my time reviewing junk as you all know. Your going to want to check out these well priced VERY well made products!!


And the second review from Emmy's Deals is:


Clear Tip Out Bins

When the holidays arrive I always think what should I get my dad for Christmas. That is always tough because he likes different things. He is always looking for things to store his tool and other items in. I came across a site called Monster Bins. This site is really great and has all different kind of crates and bins. They have everything imaginable of storage items possible and they are reasonably priced also. 
I was able to review one of their items. I received Clear Tip Out Bins to review from Monster Bins. These Clear Tip Out Bins can be used by healthare professionals, pharmacies, hospitals and dental facilities. When I received this in the mail to review I was surprised on how heavy this items was. When I pictured it coming I thought it was going to be a lot smaller than it was. Guess what I was wrong. When I opened this I was surprised on how big and the quality of the product. I was excited to show my dad the Clear Tip Out Bins because I know he likes this kind of stuff. When he came home from work and saw this item it automatically got taken out of my possession and put down on his tool bench. He started to put his items in the bins. Well I lost out on having a storage unit but am glad it can be put in great use. This right here tells you how wonderful this item is. My dad said that his is the best quality he has found for a while. I know we have a similar unit like this but it broke very easily and it has not been replaced until now. He said it is bigger and easier to use and hold more items. Which was great plus he accidentally dropped one of the take out bins and did not break. Also he like to take out the bins and stock it up with what he needs and than put its back. 
I would recommend this as a gift for any father or even mother. If you have a mother or wife who loves crafting this would be a great gift for them to store all of their items. Also this would be the greatest gift for someone who need storage for tool items. That would be great.


Don't just take their word for it, check out our clear tilt out bins by clicking here!


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