Kids and Teens are always growing.  As they grow, they need to be provided with clothes that fits them.  Clothing can get very expensive for kids and teens as it needs to be replaced whenever someone outgrows anything.  Another difficult task is figuring out what do with all the clothing you will have to buy.  Closets can get full pretty quickly and I doubt anyone just wants to start throwing away clothing that they worked hard to buy.  I have a solution for anyone struggling with the scenario above.  Get plastic bins and wire shelving and use them in your closet as your collection of clothing expands.

Wire shelving is a great help in a closet.  It doesn’t matter how small or how large your closet is, there is a perfect size of wire shelves for you.  You can get the shelving units with either the standard 4 shelves on it, or you can customize it to have as many shelves as you want.  These shelving systems are easily configured and can hold hundreds of pounds on each shelf.  Believe me, you don’t have enough clothes in your entire house to hurt this shelving unit.  I recommend that you take some measurements of your closet so you know exactly what size will work best for you. 

If you intend to use the wire shelving systems in a commercial environment, you can get them with wheels.  This means that if you have a photo shoot to setup, and you have tons of clothing options to select from, you can just wheel mobile wire shelving units filled with clothes in and out of the room as you see fit.  If one unit doesn’t have the proper stuff on it, simply wheel it out of the way and bring a different shelving unit in.

Don’t forget to get your economy parts bins as well.  These bins can sit on the shelves in your closet.  You can use one bin for each type of clothing.  For example, the bottom shelf can have 2 large plastic bins, in one you can have folded up plain white t-shirts and in the bin next to it you can put socks.  Slowly fill each shelf up with bins and then fill each bin up with a specific type of clothing.  Once your kids grow out of this clothing, you can remove that plastic bin and replace it with a bin full of more current clothing.

These steps will help you to make room for all of that stuff you need to buy growing children.  If you fill up the shelving unit, just add another shelf.  If you run out of room for the old bins, just stack them on top of one another and put them in the basement.  That’s the beauty of these setups, they make enough space to allow you to keep your old stuff, rather than throw out what you paid for.