Chrome Wire Shelving Unit   

A lot of people could really use a little help organizing their home.  There’s likely clutter in all areas from the kitchen to the basement.  When you get serious about getting your home in order, the best solutions for cleaning your mess is wire shelves.  A complete wire shelving unit typically comes with 4 posts and 4 shelves.  You can select the specific size that fits each individual area of your house.  Let me explain a few ways to use wire shelving systems in your house to finally get organized…

First, let’s talk about the kitchen.  I assume most people’s cabinets and pantries are way too crowded and messy, and I’m sure that most of you have stuff in there that you don’t use or want anymore.  By simply setting up a wire shelving unit in your kitchen pantry, you can start emptying the unnecessary cans and junk that you’ve been storing.  Making room in these cabinets is a huge step to being organized.  When you are making dinner, you won’t be digging through old jars of expired food that you never even knew you still had.  Another way to use these wire shelves in your kitchen is in your pantry.  If you’re like me, you have a couple of 24 packs of bottled waters at all times.  Wouldn’t it be a pleasure to get those off of the ground and stop wasting that space?  What about all of your kid’s junk food?  Is it scattered all over and always making you want to eat it?  Get it organized and onto its own shelf!

Another great way to use wire shelving units in your house is in your bedroom closets.  Just measure the dimensions inside your closets and get a shelving unit that goes across the walls.  Then you can set up each shelf for a different type of clothing.  In my home I have a shelving unit set up that I added an additional shelf to.  So my 5 shelf unit has one shelf for each item of clothing I’m storing on it.  When winter arrives, just clear out the summer clothes and fill it up with your warmer and heavier winter clothes.  You can also have an add-on unit that you use for shoes and purses/bags.

Wire shelving for the garage is a must!  It can easily turn what looks like a self storage unit into a nicely and neatly organized place where things are easily located.  Get all of the old boxes of pictures and collectibles off of the ground and onto shelves. 

So, now you’ve seen a few ways that I would recommend using these wire shelving systems in your house.  No matter how clean you think you are, you can always be a little more organized.  There is no better way to be organized than to use shelving setups.  Give it a try and send us pictures.  We love to see how our ideas help inspire you to be more creative and more organized!


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