I recently took a little 3 day vacation to New York City.  When in NY, my favorite thing to do is go around and try all of the good new restaurants.  Say what you want about New York, but you can't say the food there isn't amazing!  There was one constant in every restaurant i went to, they all use chrome wire shelves.  Whether it's behind the scenes in the kitchen or actually on display in the restaurant, they are finding these restaurant shelving units to be very useful and efficient.

In the two videos that I shot below, you can see the shelving units are on display in the restaurant.  This restuarant decided to use them as part of their decorations.  But the wire shelves are not just there for looks, they're there to serve a purpose. 

In video 1, you will see that the shelving units were set up near one of the bars.  Due to it's close proximity to the bar, they decided to use this shelving unit to hold wine glasses and cases of wine.  The wire shelving units come standard with 4 shelves, but in this case they added some more. 

In video 2, you can see them using these shelving units in the restaurant for a different purpose.  The shelves are still on display, so everyone can see them, but they are not being used to hold wine glasses and dishes.  In this case, they are using the shelving unit to hold different supplies, such as boxes of canned goods. 


After watching these two very short videos, you can now see how some restaurants are using wire shelving units in their facilities.  I'd guess somewhere close to 95% of restaurants use shelving units, you just don't always see them because they're typically in the kitchen.  Never the less, the shelves are critical for any restaurant concerned with organization and efficiency.