Wire Shelving Units – What Makes Them The Best?                   Shelving                                          

When you first look at wire shelving units, they do not appear to be very elaborate at first sight but they are definitely much more durable and functional then you may think.  You can purchase wire shelves in a variety of sizes, styles and finishes, both as stationary units or mobile shelving units, depending on the storage needs of the user.  So, why have chrome wire shelving units grown to be one of the most popular shelving options available today?

Well, the truth is that although the design of wire shelving units may not be the most beautiful option available, they offer clean lines and a sleek design which is appealing to many people. There are many other benefits that people cite as their main reasons for deciding to use wire shelving racks for their storage needs, whether for their business or home. One of the biggest reasons is because they are quick and easy to assemble.

Traditional shelves have closed surfaces which are able to easily collect debris, dirt or dust making them hard to keep clean. Wire shelves do not have this problem due to the open concept which is used in the designs of the shelves. Typically, they do not have a back and are slotted to allow easy air flow which can help to prevent dust from settling on the surface of the shelves, which is commonly seen with many  other shelving units commonly used for home and business storage needs.

Because of the design of our shelving racks, you can easily locate everything that you need right away. You can see straight through all of the individual shelves because the slotted wire allows light to easily shine through. You can also purchase additional supplies such as wire rack dividers which are used to separate and group together like items.  You can also use clear storage bins on the shelves to group small like items together neatly.  This means that users are able to easily locate what they want to use with just a glance saving loads of time.

Another thing which people really love about wire shelving units is that they are able to be easily customized to suit the needs of the consumer or business owner. You can purchase wire shelving in varying height which can either be stationary, wall mounting or on casters for easy transport. Not only this but you can purchase wire shelving units with a wide variety of different shelve sizes too which allows you to choose the right sized shelves according to your storage needs. Each shelve is also able to be easily adjusted individually so that you can create the perfect amount of space between each shelf according to your needs.

If this were not enough to convince you to use wire shelves, the fact that they are tough and durable with the ability to support as much as 400-600 lbs. per shelf should do the trick.  The wire shelving units are chrome in order to prevent rust and corrosion, making them a great choice for areas which may be prone to moisture exposure such as in a restaurant, kitchen or garage.  This coating not only prevents rust, but also helps to prevent stains.

Did you know that chrome wire shelving units are also one of the most affordable of all shelving units?  So for the consumer who is looking for a cost conscious storage option that is made of quality materials and offer numerous benefits then wire shelving offers a great option.

Keep in mind that your investment in wire shelving units is not going to be lost when you no longer have a need for this popular storage option.   Wire shelving units have the best resale rate out of all of the shelving units commonly used today. While you may not be considering resale value when purchasing wire shelving units for your home or business, it may offer you some comfort knowing that if you would like to sell these shelving units later on you are likely to get a good return on your investment.