Over this past memorial day weekend, I took a trip to Las Vegas.  When you go to Vegas, you must make sure you stay at the Wynn, or one of their properties.  They take care of every guest like they’re VIP and the accommodations are unbelievable.  After seeing how efficiently everything operated on their property, it was not really much of a surprise to me to see some of our Monster Containers being used for the day to day operations.

The first place I noticed one of our containers was in the sundry shop in the lobby of the Encore.  This particular shop was making use of one of our attached lid containers/boxes.  From what I could gather, they use these containers in all of their facilities to transport supplies and specific stock items from one shop to the next.  So, in this case, they were using the bins to transport all of the candy from the main storage area to the actual store where it will be sold.  Since these containers have attached lids, they are ideal for transporting stock from one area to the next.  Also, these totes are heavy duty. 

Attached Lid Containers at the Wynn

Since they’re heavy duty, the Wynn probably also uses them to carry all of the change out of the slot machines.  At the end of the night, when it’s time to empty out the machines, all they have to do is put these containers on a dolly and wheel them from machine to machine.  Once you fill up one of the containers, close the lid and start filling the next.  These bins can be stacked on top of each other once the lids are closed.

Now you see some of the ways that the Wynn and all of their properties use plastic containers daily.  No matter what situation or environment you are trying to improve, or make run more smoothly, plastic bins and containers can certainly help you.