As a small business located in south florida, it's only right that we help out other small businesses in South Florida.  Use the following directory to locate other small businesses that are located in South Florida.  We found a site called Directory Miami and they provide detailed information about other local businesses. 

Before you outsource your business to other states, let's try and keep it all in the South Florida Family.  You can view the directory here: - Miami Directory

Hopefully you can find a local business to help you with whatever it is you're searching for.

For those of you constantly on the go, maybe buying from a local Miami based business is not the best solution for you.  Maybe you're across the country or even across the world.  In situations like that, we've got you covered as well.  Simply check out this international business directory and you'll be sure to find exactly what you need close to wherever you currently are: - Worldwide Business information for manufacturing, products, services, including import & export.

Now you are fully prepared to find whatever supplies you need no matter if you are right here in Miami or anywhere in the world!