The holidays are a time to celebrate and be with family.  When you spend time with your family, it typically relaxes you and makes you feel loved.  But one of the other best parts about the holiday season is that you receive gifts.  Do you guys have that family member who has everything and you never know what to get?  If so, let me make your holiday shopping a little easier… Give them the gift of Storage & Organization!

If you have that family member that truly has everything, chances are that their closet or night stands or cabinets are a complete mess.  After all, if you have everything, and you get rid of nothing, you are practically a hoarder.  For people like this, there is no better gift than simple storage solutions, such as plastic storage bins and containers.  They can use these economic storage bins inside of their closets or on top of their night stand. 

The first type of storage bin I’d recommend is a stackable bin.  Stacking bins come in many different sizes and they offer you a very high quality solution to clean up your mess.  These bins are heavy duty and easily washable, so you don’t have to worry about what goes inside of them.  If you want to completely clean up your clutter, get some different color bins and color coordinate what you keep inside of each one.  For example, in your blue bins, keep all of your extra cell phone accessories, such as chargers or USB cables.  In your red bins you can keep all of your jewelry and in your yellow bins you can store this month’s latest magazines that you haven’t read.  Then when you’re done filling the bins with your stuff, stack them on top of each other and put them away in the closet.  This is one way to help that hoarder in your family get their junk organized and cleaned up!

Plastic Bins for Storage

The next type of bins that I’d like to discuss are the economy shelf bins, also known as parts bins.  These bins are a great alternative to cardboard, as they will last a lot longer and save you money by not having to replace them.  Plastic shelf bins are the most economical option and area also available in many colors.  One of the greatest features of our parts bins is that they are able to nest inside of one another.  When you are not using them, just place them inside of each other and put them away.  This helps you save valuable space.  When you get another shipment of accessories, just grab a shelf bin and start filling it up!

So, you no longer have to worry about what gift you should buy that family member that has everything.  We just helped you realize that if they have everything, they need to organize it and get it stored properly.  It may not seem like the greatest or most exciting gift you can find, but just wait until you see how happy they are with a neatly organized bedroom and the ability to always locate what they’re looking for.


Don't forget that Monster Bins has a low price guarantee on all of our plastic storage bins!